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New laptop

2007-10-13 03:15:29 by ProBo

woot new laptop.... like anyone cares... my step dad got it 4 me

New laptop


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2007-10-14 15:31:44

i care :D
its always good to get a new computer...wait ask your step dad to buy me one ok,thanks

ProBo responds:

Ok i will, ill tell him that it willmake my mom love him! :)


2007-10-14 22:44:29

looks like mine!hmmm....

ProBo responds:

I dont know what ur talking about (runs)


2007-10-19 00:11:52

Pretty cool, but I am a mac kinda guy, so no real comment from me.

ProBo responds:

meh, too expensive...


2007-10-23 23:05:11

The layout looks a lot better when you are looking at it from farther away.

ProBo responds:

how true....