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Ah, to log in again...

2009-04-05 23:08:00 by ProBo

Wow, this account still exists? Well, I have aged since last time I posted a news thingies.... I sure have changed! Once again I will attempt to pick up the virtual paintbrush and try to spew out some origional content... hopefully I can actually make some this time...

The Apple Non-Intercorse Contract

2007-11-14 23:44:52 by ProBo

There comes a time when large corporations, controlling the market above others, over price their items, and give the people less features and more fragile products. When these events take place, it is the right and duty of other company's, being of sound mind, to release cheaper and better products in order to cease the tyrannical domination of Apple Inc. I, the people, do hereby list my grievances:

Resolved, Apple Inc. puts products on the market that are over priced and not available to all citizens.

Resolved, said products, when compared with others by different companies, are relatively featureless, at most playing music, movies, and displaying pictures.

Resolved, that the iPod, a supposed mp3/4 player, in fact, does not play mp3's, but insted, a hideous format created by Apple.

Resolved, I dropped an iPod video from a high of five feet and it broke. (onto carpet)

Resolved, that dropped my Sansa from a height of almost 8 feet onto concrete, and it still worked fine.

I, the undersigned, hereby boycott all Apple iPod's, or other products by Apple which serve the same purpose as the iPod, including, but not limited to, the iPhone and the iTouch. If Apple shall ever come to its senses and stop thinking only about the money, the undersigned shall think about repealing this Non- Intercorse Act.

Weighted Companion Cube <3

2007-10-26 22:15:00 by ProBo

Oh, how I regret throwing you into the furnace. Please accept my apologies. I have changed my desktop in honor of you!

Weighted Companion Cube <3

New laptop

2007-10-13 03:15:29 by ProBo

woot new laptop.... like anyone cares... my step dad got it 4 me

New laptop

Banned... to harsh?

2007-09-29 23:26:33 by ProBo

omg.... so did everyone who posted in the thread "Bang your head on your keyboard get banned? There was quite a few who did... but 3 fuckin days? u gotta be kidden me. this is why I hate NG mods... they over react and they think they can do what ever the fuck they want... 3 fucking days? come on! I have seen threads that were more spamlike than that sit 4 days without being deleted. I have a question.... Who moderates the moderators? cause they need to be... It makes newground BBS suck.... a

I understand we need rules..... but why does spamming involve a 3 day ban? I know... I know... get a life.... I got one... but after school i cant do n e thing cause i gots to watch my bros... so know wtf am i gonna do..? go to 4chan? HELL NO. Anyway, the purpose of this rant i because I want feed back from all of you. Have you ever been banned unfairly?

NG door/ wall

2007-08-16 22:32:32 by ProBo

A mod is making me stop using the thread, so it will now be run from here! Leave a comment on what you want your messege to be, and I will update the pics evey day!

Do you want your name or messege on my bedroom door or wall? go here! 8671


2007-08-15 12:23:36 by ProBo

Which means get ready to blam like you have never blamed before. God I cant wait or this to end

woot, nice redesighn

2007-07-17 17:18:06 by ProBo

but it took yo yu long enugh